The SEO Browser provides dozens of valuable insights

If you visit the site, I recommend you click on the “Advanced” tab in the top right-hand corner and then enter your domain name in the search field. Take advantage of it.

The SEO Browser provides dozens of valuable insights. Bottom line; Google loves lots of content.

Those redirected links work but they’re not precise.

Chapter 29 discussed Google’s preference for sentences and paragraphs. Try it.

This chapter introduces three of my personal favorites. That means you should be shooting for a score of 99 or higher. Before you upload images to your website, make sure they’re no more than 72 dots per inch (DPI) and optimized for the web.

One important setting you can specify on the webmaster tools platform is your preferred domain format..

Website Grader
website. Because they’re not direct, they don’t count as an inbound link from a search engine perspective.

Let’s assume your website has the “www” in the complete URL. It ensures that links using either format count as legitimate inbound links. Full instructions are provided. You want your webpages to require as little memory as possible, allowing for quicker load times.

Google Webmaster Tools is a powerful platform. If you enjoy the techie stuff, you can even analyze and generate a robot. The platform has an impressive series of tools you can use to diagnose and fine-tune your website. It looks at things like page optimization, load times, syndication options, domain registration and social media presence.

The tool isn’t that great from a strictly SEO perspective but it does a fantastic job of reminding you about all the different angles of an effective website. It just means you did better than some others.

Keep in mind that the top 1% of websites accounts for the vast majority of all online transactions. In other words, it shows you the opportunities you’re missing..

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to specify your preferred domain format, either with or without the “” It’s under the Settings tab and I recommend you do that immediately. Most websites are a complete disaster so a good score from this tool does not mean you have a great website.

The nice thing about the SEO Browser is that you can navigate around your site by clicking on the various links and it stays inside the tool and shows you the search engine perspective throughout.. People who link to your website without the “www” experience an automatic redirect. You can also see when Google visited your site last and how many pages they crawled and/or indexed.

By the way, the Website Grader gives you a score out of 100, telling you how your site ranked compared with all the other sites it looks at. and what it does not see.grader/

Website Grader takes a much broader view of your website and attempts to assess its marketing effectiveness compared with other websites on the internet. Browse your site. In other words, they will get to your website but only because the computer knows to redirect them.txt file to help Google navigate your website. You don’t need to include it. The verification is easy to do.

Another important insight is pneumatic tools factory the size of the page in terms of memory and how quickly it loads. The SEO Browser tells you immediately if you have exceeded that number. I guarantee it will put a few items on your to-do list.What SEO strategies have you missed? What mistakes have you made?

How could you know? After all, you missed them. Unless . It shows you places where you can enter more descriptive keywords and headings.

Google Webmaster Tools

Like so many other services, Google offers the webmaster tools platform free of charge.

Once verified, you can see any errors the Google spiders experienced when crawling your website. I recommend you ignore it.

But before you can do anything, you need to verify that it is, in fact, your website. But there’s a problem.. Don’t get too excited about a 70 or 80. Check it out.

The platform also allows you to view a series of diagnostic summaries, index statistics, internal/external links and your sitemap. In case you didn’t know, the “www” at the beginning of most domain names is actually optional. The Google webmaster guidelines recommend you limit the outbound links on any particular page to 100. Don’t worry. Run the tool on your website and see what it suggests. None of them cost any money and they each offer tremendous insights to evaluate and improve your website.

The SEO-Browser

SEO Browser is a brilliant tool that shows you what your website looks like to a search engine. The SEO Browser calculates the “text to page weight ratio,” offering valuable insight to how search engines evaluate the density of written content on your website.

The tool shows you exactly what a search engine sees . How can you possibly know what tactics you forgot about? The good news is there are plenty of diagnostic tools on the internet that can help you identify problems or missed opportunities on your website. We still have work to do!.

Unnecessarily large image files are the most common culprit for slow-loading pages.

SEO Browser also tells you how many internal and external links are on each page

This technique does not require you to get matching paint for your car

This technique uses special tools to massage the dent out of your car’s body. Sometimes the bumper is broken beyond repair & needs to be replaced totally. But still you need to get to handle the windshield smash repair as soon as possible. It is the one thing that saves your car from being really damaged, but they get broken & scratched at times.

This technique does not require you to get matching paint for your car & pay a lot of money for the paint to be applied, since car paint costs a lot. There are small things that you can do yourself. For example, Paint-less Dent Repairs – These are great for when the dent that your car’s body sustained during the smash was minimal. Paint Repairs – Most of the time, during smash repairs, the only part of the car’s body that sustained any damage is the bumper. While looking for a good smash repair mechanic, don’t just settle on the first one you find. & it’s best to deal with smash repairs as soon as you can & get them out of the way so that the stress on your mind gets eased out faster. The body is painted & polished to remove any dents or scratches & the car starts looking shiny & new.

. Smash repairs help to strengthen your car windows & make them brand new by either replacing them or by some other technique requiring specialized tools. Car Detail – Most of the time while performing smash repairs, there is really no choice but to give the car a complete workup.Auto smashes are terrible & difficult to attend to, especially if you were in the car when the smash happened. A dented up car doesn’t look really good on the roads. You are going to entrust your car to this person, make sure you’re satisfied that he will do a good job fixing it. But sometimes, although it might seem really damaged, but the air coupler Manufacturers bumper only needs a fresh coat of paint & it will be good as new. When it comes to smash windshield repairs, there are a number of different techniques that can be used to make your car looking as brand new. & then there are a number of things that would be best left for professional mechanics who are equipped with all the necessary tools required for the job. There are a number of different techniques for dealing with different smashes. Otherwise, it would just be a cause for added stress. & once the mechanics are done, there is no sign of the dent anywhere & no need to apply even a single coat of paint. Take your time; look around for the best mechanic in town.

Window Repairs – There is also the chance that during the smash, the part of your car that got damaged was your windshield or any other window. Every mechanic is not the same so you need to look around for the best one

You have to check and re-check in making sure it is at the central part of the hole

Give some allowance when selecting the size of your chamfer and that will give you cushion in case of any mistakes coming up. By reading through this article, you will learn a few tips and tricks that will help you get the best from your broaching tools. There is also depth that defines broaching which is mostly limited to around two times deeper than the dimension of the tool. Having pre-drilled pilot holes is very much recommended but their size should be bigger than that of the rotary broaching tools. Undersized holes can be caused by spiral condition which you can handle by reducing the rate at which you remove the material. You have to check and re-check in making sure it is at the central part of the hole. It is recommended that you choose a chamfer larger than the diameter of the tool which will be good in minimizing chances of skid marks occurring. However, the results will be one that you would not want to experience once you use the tools wrongly.

When you insert the broach, it has to be centrally located which is the ideal position for it to deliver good results.

You will get the best results when using rotary broaching tools in the best way. Using too much of the force will damage both the tool and your work piece. It will save you from enduring frustrations. This can only happen when you have not sunk the holes deeper and increasing its depth will be the only workable solution.

A chamfer is one thing that you will require for making broaching successful and not any type that you will use. Nothing short of that will give you the desired results. Making the holes deeper will ensure chips are accommodated without any problems regardless of their length. This is for the simple reason that some pilot holes might cause great resistance since the chips will definitely be oversize. Never embark on using these tools for any broaching work if you are ignorant on their functioning. The other important thing to do in getting the best from your rotary broaching tools is checking the bearings and they should be able to allow free rotation of the spindle. You have to check on that in ensuring the success of your rotary broaching mission so never take anything for granted or take chances with such a serious thing.

. In some cases, long chips can cause resistance against the broaching tool and this will be a good remedy. You connectors have to do your homework right in making sure the results you get from using the tools are what you were expecting.

You are advised against using too much force when inserting the broaching tool as it can cause damages

This describes a market where the overall market is rising

Experts recommend that you only buy during Bull Markets because the odds are much more in your favor ? this is true, but keep in mind there are plenty of stocks that plummet during Bull Markets too. As with Bull Markets, again we measured this by the NASDAQ and the Dow Indexes. Another characteristic of these two markets is that Bull Markets generally last 2-3 years, while Bear Markets last only 1-1 ? years. There are also several others out there, but another popular index of mostly technical stocks is the NASDAQ. Experts recommend that you only sell short during Bear Markets because the odds are much more in your favor ? this is true, but keep in mind there are plenty of stocks that rise during Bear Markets too.

Bull Market ? This describes a market where the overall market is rising. Typically, this is measured by the NASDAQ and the Dow Indexes.

. In the stock market, this is measured by measuring the movements of selected stocks across various sectors to let us know how the market is doing in general. This will give you a tremendous advantage. During Bull Markets, you can expect 65% or more of all stocks to be rising ? so if you look to buy during Bull Markets, the odds are very much in your favor. Of course, the opposite is true with the Bear Markets.

The important thing about using indexes to pneumatic tools factoryhelp your trading was mentioned earlier. So it’s a very good idea for new traders to get in the habit following the indexes early in their learning. A gentleman by the name of Dow came up with this concept and today we still use his Dow Index for the purpose of measuring the market’s pulse.

One important aspect of trading the markets is to understand how to feel it’s overall pulse.

Bear Market ? This describes a market where the overall market is dropping

Use this information and you’ll Get It Right The First Time

” Use this information and you’ll Get It Right The First Time. As outdoor enthusiasts we understand the importance of our relationship with the backcountry and we are keenly aware of how our attitudes and our actions determine the long term viability of these wild places. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

3. So how should we think and act?

A code of conduct exists for outdoor enthusiasts. I have found out they are indeed attached to everything else – including me. This set of best practices was designed specifically to ensure our outdoor recreational activities are sustainable over long periods of time.

Over the years, I have tugged on countless things in nature. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

BackCountry Toys is a supporter of Leave No Trace and we encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to do likewise. Plan Ahead and Prepare

2. Minimize Campfire Impacts

6. Therefore, how we think and act while visiting wild places today will ultimately determine the amount of enjoyment by outdoor enthusiasts for ever more. Respect Wildlife


My favorite outdoor related quote comes from John Muir, the father of our national park system and founder of the Sierra Club. Here are their seven principles. ?Let us permit Nature to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs than we. Muir is telling us something of great importance – we are attached to nature too. Here is another of my favorite quotes. This one is by Michel or on our website as well. Leave No Trace is an organization dedicated to educating people on how to minimize their impacts while enjoying the outdoors. It is called the Principles of Leave No Trace. To learn how to put these principles into action, you may find more information on their website at lnt. He said, ?When one tugs at a single thing in nature, connectors he finds it attached to the rest of the world. Leave What You Find

5. Dispose of Waste Properly

4.? This quote means more to me today than it did twenty years ago and will undoubtedly mean more to me still as I spend an increasing amount of time out of doors. Get Outdoors!



With my continued encouragement

This time, Chuck saw the number eight.

Pat sat upright on the couch as she told me about Chuck’s angry outbursts, his desire to kill animals, his willingness to follow his destructive friend blindly?even when he knew the behavior was wrong, his hurtful aggression to his younger brother, and the complaint he received from his teacher about his bad attitude in class. Chuck also had a bad temper, and was yelling at and hitting his younger brother. I understand that you love me and don’t mean to hurt me. I imagine that you are doing to me what your father did to you. Chuck saw the number five. She realized that I was speaking the truth when I told her that she and her husband were the foundation for the family. On some level, he felt responsible for their unhappiness (something children often mistakenly do).

Finally, Chuck admitted that he was hurting because his parents were not getting along. His hands and feet finally ceased their continuous movement. When I asked Chuck what decisions he was making about himself from his dad’s behavior, he told me that he believed he must be bad and unimportant. Chuck was air blow gun acting much kinder to his brother, and no longer talked about killing animals. What a wonderful, peaceful world this would be. Chuck’s desire to hurt animals was his way of releasing the angry feelings that he had towards his dad.

Obviously, the once-aggressive Chuck was becoming the loving being he truly is. There are no consequences since he is not here and I won’t tell anyone what you say. Therefore, I was going to ask him to close his eyes so that he could go inward to find them. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the kindness, patience, and attention you needed from your father. With Chuck’s permission, I told Pat all that had transpired in the session.? I continued, ?Chuck, allow yourself to tell your dad what you are angry about.?

With my continued encouragement, Chuck told his dad how angry he was at him for yelling and slapping him, and for ignoring him. You must be in a lot of pain to treat me like that.

I immediately began to build trust and rapport with Chuck by asking him questions about his favorite hobbies and subjects in school, and how he felt about his problem. As Chuck was imagining that he was in the woods, he spontaneously took a deep breath and relaxed some more.

It was then time to call his mother back into the office.? He replied, ?I see my dad. Now see on the screen an image of a person you are angry with.

Then I asked Chuck to rate how much he liked himself by seeing a number from one to ten, with ten indicating high self-esteem.?

Confident that he was safe with me, Chuck closed his big brown eyes and began to relax. After I helped Chuck realize that he was not responsible for his parents? pain and upsets, he felt even better about himself.

Then I told Chuck that he had all the answers to his problems inside of himself. I also expressed to Pat that often one child acts out the pain of the family, and Chuck seemed to be the one who was unconsciously doing just that.

With further exploration, Chuck realized that even though he hated his dad’s aggressive behavior, he was becoming just like him.?

After Chuck repeated those healing words to his father, he sighed with relief and his face looked more relaxed. I first guided him to his safe place which was in the woods behind his home. He was also trying to be noticed more by his mother who he felt was favoring his older sister.

Chuck, an active ten-year-old boy, was fidgeting as he was sitting in the large gold reclining chair. With further introspection, Chuck realized that because he did not like himself very much, he was willing to take abuse from his friend and do what he said just to be accepted. When Chuck was convinced that I was really listening without judging him, he agreed to allow his mother to leave the room.

Pat was very grateful and willing to pursue counseling with her husband. I’m a good person even when I make mistakes.

I concluded the session by asking Chuck to evaluate his progress by once again seeing a number that represented how much he liked himself. How wonderful it would be if everyone overcame their destructive behavior, and expressed their love which is their natural state. With a loving relationship, constructive communication, and good parenting skills, the children were likely to have high self-esteem and be healthy and successful. His busy hands and feet were moving constantly, and his eyes were reflecting his fears. He told me that he was feeling much better. I’m important whether you spend time with me or not.

Knowing that those negative thoughts about himself were the key to his acting out behavior, I asked Chuck to say, ?Dad, what you say or do is a reflection of you and not of me.


The following week, Pat called to inform me that Chuck’s teacher was pleased with the improvement in his attitude, and that he was able to break off his friendship with his destructive, demeaning pal. No matter what you tell me or how you act towards me, I am okay.

I continued by saying, ?Chuck, imagine that you are in a theater, and that you are visualizing the white movie screen. Please tell me how you are feeling, and if you don’t want to do something. Chuck did not want to be in my office but his mother, Pat, thought it was important for him to resolve his problems, and insisted that he come in for one counseling session. I said, ?Chuck, I am going to guide you, and I want you to know that you are in control. I forgive you. He was very pleased with himself, and I acknowledged him for his courage and wonderful work. I emphasized to Pat how important it was to resolve her issues with her husband, and to make sure that the children are told that they are not responsible. Chuck was misbehaving in school in order to get the attention he wasn’t receiving from his father

Meta search engines can help find results you might otherwise miss

Do you wonder if you’re missing anything by looking at just the top 10 search results? Or maybe the thought of clicking the Next button 100 times and risking carpal tunnel stops you from digging deeper.

Meta search engines can help find results you might otherwise miss.

5) Relevance ranking – Besides looking at the content of the search results, the latest meta search engines, such as iMetaSearch, can also look at which results you have marked as relevant and sort results based on your feedback.

2) How to pinpoint areas of interest? Many search engines offer suggestions for search terms that help focus on your area of interest.

* Good – depending on the size and quality of the clusters.

In hindsight this is not surprising since there is enormous pressure to get high rankings using dubious tactics such as link farming or hidden content only seen by search engines.

Ranking Methods used by Meta Search Engines

1) Original ranking – one method is just to use the original rankings returned by the search engines. Some adjustment is necessary to break ties or boost results perceived to be more relevant.

* Problematic – different search engine ranking methods are probably not compatible. You can choose words or phrases that filter out results or keep certain results with desirable phrases. Clusty uses clustering to group results into smaller lists that are easier to search. Eventually though, you have to look through lists of results. These meta search engines can re-order the results or clusters to automatically find results and clusters similar to the one you have marked. However, combining results from many engines into a single list brings up some issues.

* Useful but brittle – a result may be ruled in or out by accident depending on what specific word the author used. Unfortunately, numerous studies have shown there is surprisingly little overlap among the top results of the major search engines. If meta search engines can help pinpoint interesting results in the list through indexing, clustering, or re-ranking, that saves your valuable time. For example, dogpile changes the original ranking based on what search terms are used. Clustering puts results into similar groups so that instead of looking through one long list, you immediately rule out non-relevant groups and concentrate on smaller lists of relevant groups.

3) Filtered ranking – this method is based on whether results contain certain words or phrases.

* Good – however not many web pages get multiple votes.

4) Cluster ranking – once you have settled on good search words or phrases, eventually you must look through a list of results and pick out the most relevant ones.

Problems that Affect Meta Search Engine Rankings

1) How to judge the importance of results? If there was broad agreement between the major search engines, ordering search results would be straightforward.

* Good – user feedback is taken into account and all words plus their context are used to find similar results, not just a few specific words. The result is a lot of “noise” in rankings when compared over different search engines. Many desktop-based meta search engines have this feature.

2) Vote ranking – an interesting method of ranking is to order by votes, where a web page gets a vote each time it is in the top 10 results of a search engine. By understanding the problems and their solutions, you can choose a better meta search engine to use.. air accessories sets Some meta search engines, such as Ixquick show you how many votes each result got

If you think this type of financing is too expensive for you

Most of these types of lenders have no loan committee and make decisions based on how quickly they can dispose of the property if they have to foreclose.

Ultimately, this means you own the commercial property outright and want to use your equity to finance something else. This type of connectors gamble is where Hard Money lenders step in. Many considerations and calculations go into making financing decisions, but the alternative must always be weighed. Deals usually close in two weeks and you can expect to pay up to 6 percentage points as an origination fee. It is not for the weak at heart and must be entered into with a stern conviction of careful spending while looking for ways to roll the loan into some more permanent and less expensive financing..

Anything over 50% loan to value is rare, but there are cases when rents remain high, long term tenants have been in place, and the property is something the lender feels will sell easily if they have to foreclose. If you have lots and I mean lots of equity in a deal, you can expect to get a hard money loan which will require a minimum of 50% equity. Perhaps you’re in a tight spot because other properties need a cash infusion and there is nowhere else to go but to tap the equity in preforming assets.

We are seeing a lot of these types of deals coming our way because traditional lenders simply have closed their wallets.

If you think this type of financing is too expensive for you, calculate what you would lose if a deal fell through or what the cost of holding a vacant building would be.

Hard money loans may be the answer when you have no choice but to locate enough money to close a deal. When you need money hard money may be the answer. Many investors make commitments based on past histories of loan qualifications with their lenders but those days have gone south as lenders scramble for ways to cover losses.

Borrowers of these types of loans are almost always commercial investors, but can also be business people looking for alternative ways to finance their business and as a way to generate cash flow.If you are looking for a loan for commercial real estate you had better be ready for some sticker shock. If you decide on borrowing money this way remember that this is short term money and should be used to get you through a deal or over a rough spot in your life. Although some banks are still lending, the vast majority have tightened their credit requirements so drastically, you may be forced to go to Hard Money in order to get the money you are seeking.

If the property appraises for $500,000, you can expect to get $250,000 if the hard money lender will be in first position. That means no prior liens exist.

What is Hard Money? Typically not attached to credit scores, these types of commercial loans are equity driven

A point is what the bank will charge you on top of the interest rate

One of the first things you need to do as a consumer is pull your credit report and you can do this for free, remember you will have three reports from three different reporting agencies.. The reason this is a negative on your credit report as well as to the bank many credit inquiries makes it look like you are buying or at least trying to buy many things on credit. I will start with the interest rate; here are a few things you can do to obtain a better interest rate from your lending bank. You will need to check every item on the report and make sure there are no errors then look for negative items on your report, if there are negative items on your report you need to start with those, contact the reporting agency and see what you can do to clear them off your report. If you have a high credit score and you have good down payment money you can negotiate things like interest rate, points and fees.

We will now discuss why it is so important to have your credit score as high as possible when buying Mississippi land for sale.

When buying Mississippi land for sale remember the more you don’t need a bank or the bank you are negotiating with the better terms you are likely to get. Once you feel your credit is in order go ahead to your bank and make application for a loan and I will suggest First South Farm Credit for a rural Mississippi land loan and here is why, we now live in a different lending environment for banks and no matter how great your credit score the banks are in the drivers seat because they aren’t making many loans and First South Farm Credit is one of the very few lenders that are aggressively making land loans. I suggest starting the loan process six to twelve months prior to getting active with looking for the Mississippi Land. Your rate is referring to the interest rate the bank charges and with that being said if you don’t have much borrowing experience this will also include points, fees and charges.

When looking for Mississippi land for sale one of the, if not the most important part of the process is your loan package. Remember the golden rule or at least the golden rule for money, the one with the gold makes the rules.If you are looking to buy Mississippi land for sale, unless you are wealthy you will need to secure a loan to make your purchase, here are a few things to help get better rates and terms.

After you have checked your credit report and made air coupling Manufacturers sure that looks good you need to keep in mind the number of inquiries hurts your credit score so at least six months prior to making a loan do not let anyone pull a credit history on you, do this by not making any purchase that would require a credit run, this would include things as simple as getting a new phone. A point is what the bank will charge you on top of the interest rate and yes with good credit you can negotiate these items, typically they try and get a ¼ point to one full point. We will address a few ways to secure a better loan and that means better rates as well as better terms and we will define the difference in the two

Bed bugs are one of the most common kinds of household bugs

However, professional bug elimination may be needed if the problem persists in your home. You can keep the problem at bay by vacuuming your mattress once a week and cleaning your sheets at least that often in hot water. Bugs from all around gather and converge on your cake mixes and powdered sugar.

Bed bugs are one of the most common kinds of household bugs and also one of the most annoying. Bugs make your home an unhealthy environment in a variety of different ways, so if you are sensing a problem, you should contact a professional to help you get the problem under control.There are a number of different bugs that can afflict a household..

Bugs are not only attracted to food that is spoiling (or any food, for that matter), bugs can actually cause the food to be spoiled. Itchy bites, bumpy rashes and bleeding may all be caused by household bug problems. If not you do not bother, the problem will worsen and you will encounter a number of other problems. Have you noticed that you are tossing and turning, itchy from your bed sheets? Do you find there are tiny little bites on your skin or rashes that you have no recollection of contracting? It could be that there is a bed bug problem in your home. While a few weeks worth of damage may not be noticeable, years of feeding on your home will wear away and create a weak home. If you want to keep the items in your pantry edible, secure them properly and eliminate any bug problems in your home. If you have a pantry filled with open cereal boxes, flour bags and sugar containers, you are putting your food at risk for a bug infestation.

If your home is filled with dust, you likely have mites dancing around in the dust bunnies that hide in corners and under beds. If there is a serious problem with bugs, you can rely on professional care to eliminate the problem. Sometimes the occasional bug makes its way into your home, which is normal and not really a big deal. In serious cases, these bites, stings and irritations can lead to infection, so have the problem remedied as soon as you possibly can. For instance, without termite control or termite pest control, your home’s foundation will suffer. Though we may not be able to smell the foods all that much and we assume that crinkling the bag a few times or closing the box is enough protection, the odors attract the attention of the bugs. Dander and dust can make breathing difficult, especially for someone who already has issues with breathing. However, if you have an ongoing problem with a particular type of bug, it may be a sign of a bigger issue. Keeping your home clean is imperative if you air blow gun want to keep the air fresh and healthy.

Finally, infestations can lead to skin problems for both the humans and pets living in your home